World’s Weirdest Dive Destinations


Coral reefs and ancient wrecks rarely lose their luster, but have you ever dreamed about diving in an ancient graveyard, an art gallery, or even an active volcano? Life under the water is always eye-catching and uniquely beautiful, but there are some remarkable global dive destinations that truly take the cake when it comes to the concept of “otherworldly” diving.

If you’re ready to explore something that’s completely different, than book a trip to one of these wonderfully off-beat dive destinations where there’s miles more to discover than the traditional under-the-sea landscapes.

underwater museum - dive destination cancun2Museum of Underwater Modern Art

Head to Cancun, Mexico to explore this site that’s comprises more than 400 life-sized sculptures which are blissfully resting under the tropical blue waters. Constructed and installed by British scuba diver and artist Jason de Caires Taylor, the pieces are more than just a unique display – they’re eco-friendly, and are created with a special cement that’s designed to encourage coral growth.

Underwater Cemetery

Head about five kilometers off the coast of Miami, Florida to discover this creepy but undeniably enthralling landmark – The Neptune Memorial Reef. Operating as an artificial reef as well as a cemetery, the man-made structure is designed to both encourage marine life growth, and serve as the “the ultimate ‘Green Burial’ opportunity.”

People who decide to make the cemetery their permanent home after they’re gone are cremated and then molded with cement, sand, and water into a custom stone shape before being deposited to the bottom of the ocean floor. It’s a work in progress – with room for around 100,000 people – so expect this unique site to grow in the years to come. You can see a video of the cemetery here.

Underwater Volcano

Want to see a little volcanic action without the threat of lava burns? Then head to Banua Wuhu, which is within the Sangihe volcanic island chain in Indonesia. Rising more than 400 meters from the bottom of the sea to less than 5 meters below the surface, this fully submerged volcano regularly releases sulfur gas in the form of silver ribbons, creating some exceptional photo opportunities.

Snap lots of pictures, but don’t get too close – there’s no red lava here, but the bubbles are so hot they can burn off a finger or two. Play it safe and descend below the sulfur-infused rocks, where you’ll find a bright coral reef that’s teaming with reef sharks, neon fusiliers, and big barrel sponges.

Ancient Unknown Ruins

What’s more unusual than the unknown? The Yaeyama Islands off the coast of Japan have the ultimate mystery for divers in the form of a series of ancient ruins whose backstory is impossible to explain.

Though believed to be between 5,000 – 8,000 years old, the origin of the Ruins of Yonaguni, (which include stepped structures with platforms and carved angles), is debated among archaeologists and historians alike. Are they a natural wonder, or evidence of a lost city? The best way to form an opinion is to see them for yourself – just use plenty of caution. With high waves and swift currents, this site is not suited for beginners.

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Have you been to any off-the-wall dive destinations? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Article Name
World’s Weirdest Dive Destinations
Coral reefs are beautiful but can begin to look alike. Check out these unique dive destinations including video of an underwater cemetery off Miami.

4 responses to “World’s Weirdest Dive Destinations”

  1. Jen S. says:

    Wow – never thought about my remains resting on the bottom of the ocean, this may sound weird, but I’m going to look into the Neptune Memorial Reef.

  2. The underwater museum is pretty interestin. The same artist has a display in Grenada

  3. Gary Montagne says:

    I dove the Valhalla in Midland, TX – it’s a nuke missile silo – not much to see but a unique experience

  4. Larry W. says:

    I dove the James Bonds wrecks in the Bahamas. Thunderball, a 007 movie was filmed there and they left the props – a vulcan bomber. it was pretty cool

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