A Wedding Ring Lost for 37 Years Resurfaces After a Scuba Diving Encounter


It seems that everyone has a story that centers on someone losing a wedding ring in the ocean waters.

While the specifics can vary, the ending of the story is that usually, at least one member of the couple is very upset about the incident.

Urban Legends

There are stories, and urban legends about $50,000 wedding rings that couples lose during the first day of a honeymoon.

Or stories about a husband who is on his fifth wedding ring after losing the previous four.

The stories are everywhere. And considering the skin on your fingers can contract and wrinkle once you’re under the water, it’s not surprising there are so many personal accounts and lost wedding rings floating around.

But it’s very rare to hear a story about a lost wedding ring resurfacing especially after days, weeks or even years of being missing in action.

That is exactly why the recent story of a recovered wedding ring that a scuba diver found after 37 years under the water made waves and international headlines in early September.

Off Benidorm Shores

A scuba diver found the ring who was exploring the waters off of Benidorm, a small town in Spain that borders the Balearic Sea.

The Spanish diver, Jessica Niso, said she spotted a tiny sparkle in the sea bed that sediment nearly covered, but which somehow caught her eye.

She lifted the object out of the water, and soon realized it was a tiny gold wedding band.

Searching for Love

When she had an opportunity to clean it properly, she noticed that there was an inscription that read “17-2-79,” indicating a wedding date of February 17, 1979.

There was also a secondary inscription which read “Juani.”

From there, the intrepid diver soon began a search to find the missing owner, with a posting on Facebook looking for any leads.

Her efforts eventually panned out a few weeks later. The original owners, Agustín and Juani Aliaga, got in touch with Jessica stating that the lost ring was, in fact, theirs.

Romance is Alive

Though the ring had little material value, the couple attested that the find was a wonderful surprise.

They had a priceless emotional value as “the ring we were married with,” according to a local Heraldo newspaper.

After verifying that the couple was indeed the true owners, the trio made plans to meet up in late September in.

They decided to meet up in, appropriately enough, a romantic city called Zaragoza in northern Spain.

And They Lived Happily Ever After

It’s rare that lost ring stories have happy endings, but this leading headline may encourage divers to look twice the next time they are under the water.

Considering that so many diving sites are also prime destinations for honeymoons or anniversary trips, you never know what you’ll find below the surface.

So keep your eyes peeled for buried treasure of all varieties on upcoming diving trips. You never know when an unintended find will truly make someone’s day.

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Article Name
A Wedding Ring Lost for 37 Years Resurfaces After a Scuba Diving Encounter
It seems that everyone has a story that centers on someone losing a wedding ring in the ocean waters. Keep reading to hear about a ring lost at sea for 37 years!

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