A Scuba Diving Photographer is Taking Wedding Photography the Next Level


Getting married at a stunning scuba destination? Then you might want to brighten up your photos with a cool new take on the “Trash the Dress” party.

Trash the Dress?

This relatively new phenomenon that’s surfaced in the past five years or so essentially serves as a vehicle for unique wedding photos.

The way the concept works is that at some point after the wedding, the new bride (and sometimes groom) head to a natural but decidedly messy spot where the water and elements ruin the pristine wedding dress.

While being messy, they are also beautifully photographed by encroaching ocean waves along a beach, muddy river waters, local wet grasslands or anything in between.

Hmmm…But Why?

What’s the appeal of ruining a perfectly good wedding dress? For many brides and grooms, it’s the ensuing collection of photographs that go well beyond the basic smiling couple. 

Virtually all brides and grooms have a photo of their wedding kiss, their walk down the aisle and their first dance as a married couple.

But very few have photos of the bride wading in knee-deep ocean waters, with a dress semi or fully submerged and blissfully floating away.

The photos capture an independent moment of free-spirited joy. And the reason why a “Trash the Dress” photo shoot has become so popular is that it’s so outside the box.

A New Twist at a Famed Scuba Diving Destination

And recently, a local wedding photographer that’s appropriately based out of the famed scuba diving destination of Playa del Carmen, Mexico, has taken this “Trash the Dress” concept to an entirely new level.

Combining his inherent love of scuba diving and photography, Pierre Violle has been snapping shots of newlyweds in incredible underwater caves and cenotes that are dotted all along the coastline.

The ensuing shots are almost ethereal and are truly unlike any other wedding photos on the globe.

Tell Me More

Pierre is a French native who started out his career as a photojournalist in both Europe and Latin America before perusing his dream to live near Playa del Carmen in the mid-2000s.

Since then, he has captured dozens of brides and grooms in stunning underwater settings where gravity ceases to exist, and where the couples naturally float past all-water backdrops, local sea creatures and stunning landscapes.

It’s a painstaking task to be sure, but the images that result from the shoot are simply incredible and otherworldly, with blooming wedding gowns floating in the open ocean waters.

Will the Trend Last?

And underwater “Trash the Dress” shoots is a trend that may very well catch on in scuba diving and artistic communities.

After all, as more scuba divers find wonderful new ways to incorporate their passion for diving with momentous events, like through an underwater proposal.

It makes sense that wedding photographers would take hold of the trend especially in destination wedding settings where scuba diving is a big industry and provide a stunning underwater service.

As it turns out, it’s not a difficult photo shoot for the couple, and in fact, there’s no scuba gear required. The bride and groom simply have to hold their breath for 20-30 seconds as they propel downwards, and then make a slow-moving float to the top while posing in various positions.

Is It a Little Unusual?

You betcha. But is it beautiful? Without a doubt.

So if you want your wedding photos to make an undeniable splash, find a scuba diving photographer friend or professional whose game for an underwater shoot, and take the concept of “Trash the Dress” photos to an entirely new and enlightened level.

Want to learn about diving photography? Check out our website to contact us. If you live in the Dallas area, swing by our shop in Carrollton, and we’ll be happy to chat with you about scuba!

Image Attribution: http://www.pierre-wedding.com/cenote-trashthedress-ttd/

Article Name
A Scuba Diving Photographer is Taking Wedding Photography the Next Level
Getting married at a stunning scuba destination? Then you might want to brighten up your photos with a cool new take on the “Trash the Dress” party.

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  1. Jeff Luven says:

    These photos are beautiful! Wow, almost makes me want to get married.

  2. Kathy Hill says:

    Where was this idea when I got married last year?! I am speechless.

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