Cool Valentines’ Day Gift Ideas for Scuba Divers


On Valentine’s Day, you can go the clichéd flowers, jewelry and chocolates route, or you can give your loved one a gift they’ll really adore by tying in your present with their true passion – scuba diving.

It’s always those personalized gifts that leave an impression, so before you drop a couple hundred bucks on a bouquet, a chocolate assortment, and a dinner reservation (or more on the small, sparkling, shiny items!), spend a little time thinking outside the heart-shaped box.

Show your partner you know what he or she really adores by considering a more unique, and infinitely more valuable, scuba-themed present.

An Underwater Camera Is a Gift that Keeps Giving

What’s more romantic that creating and saving your favorite moments during an exotic diving trip? An underwater camera lets you and your diving partner do exactly that, and “capture” some of those unforgettable memories for a lifetime. Sweeten the deal by including a digital or traditional frame, (complete with an engraving if possible), for a gift that’s both functional and personal.

Adopt a Coral Reef for Decades of Diving

A charitable donation might not seem like a romantic gift on the surface, but this changes for an avid scuba diver if it’s the gift of a coral reef. Via the Nature Conservancy, you can buy your favorite diver more time — as in decades more time– at their favorite reef through continual efforts to preserve, protect and restore some of the most beautiful underwater destinations on earth.

A Scuba Regulator Shows You Care

A scuba regulator is essentially a way of showing your partner that you just can’t live without them. It may sound like a reach, but think about it — a regulator is a device that ensures your loved one is always breathing and safe under the water, and as a present, the gift-giver is essentially saying they their loved one’s safety is more important than anything else.

Does your partner already have a new or well-maintained scuba regulator? Then get a couple of other safety items such as signaling devices to let your loved one know that their well-being is always your top concern. No one can resist being assured that their life is your absolute highest priority.

Diving Apparel for the Casual or New Romance

Short and sweet, a cool T-shirt or pair of sunglasses can be a nicely practical present that shows that you know what your loved one really cares about. Apparel or accessories are good options for new couples  — it’s not too romantic after all — and a little nod to scuba diving will go a long way in proving that you’re paying attention to your new partner’s true passions.

Partner Not a Diver Yet? Give the Gift of Certification!

Want to share your love of the underwater world with your sweetie who isn’t yet certified? Give them the gift of a Discover Scuba course or an Open Water course and you’ll get to create a whole new underwater world of memories together. And what could be possibly better than that?

Weeks after those dozen roses have decayed and the chocolates have been eaten, a scuba-inspired present can still be used and treasured. Forget the traditional, and make Valentines’ Day a true celebration of what you and your diving partner love most.

Still not sure? Consider a Scuba Toys gift certificate and let your sweetie pick out what he or she most wants and needs!

What would you like to give (or receive) this Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Article Name
Cool Valentines’ Day Gift Ideas for Scuba Divers
Instead of dropping some cash on things that won't last (flowers, dinner, etc.) consider giving your Valentine diver a gift he or she can use to enjoy their passion - other than you, of course!

3 responses to “Cool Valentines’ Day Gift Ideas for Scuba Divers”

  1. Ashley H. says:

    Great gift ideas for new couples – my boyfriend is a diver but we’ve only been dating for a little while so it’s always weird to do gifts, so I’m gonna go with a dive t-shirt – I think he’ll like the ‘bite em back’ shirt on your site.

  2. Mark Kanani says:

    I’d love an underwater camera so maybe I’ll forward this post to my wife, hint, hint!

  3. B. Gage says:

    My wife doesn’t have her own BC and the rental ones never seem to fit well, so that’s what I’m getting her this year.

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