Top 6 Health Benefits of Scuba Diving


Everyone knows scuba diving can put you in an exuberant state of mind, but did you know there is a world of health benefits besides that feeling of euphoria?

Read on to discover all the ways scuba diving benefits your overall health and be sure and use these benefits as an excuse to start planning your next trip!

1. Enhances Lung Functions

You know one of the key aspects of a successful dive is your breathing. It’s essential to maintain those slow, deep breaths throughout your expedition.

Well, did you also know that this measured style of breathing is also fantastic for your overall health? Steady breathing reduces the likelihood of lung-expansion issues and injuries.

It can also help reduce mucus build up. It’s been shown to help relieve existing medical conditions where shortness of breath can be a longstanding issue, like asthma.

2. Reduces Your Blood Pressure

There is a combination of scuba diving aspects that combined lower your blood pressure when you’re in the water.

Once you get past that initial water shock and surge of adrenaline, your slower steady breath as well as your relaxed slower pace heart rate combined lowers your blood pressure throughout the remainder of your dive.

3. Increases Your Overall Fitness

Is it any surprise that’s scuba diving is one of the best hobbies for physical fitness? After all, when you’re underwater, every limb and body part is moving and working together.

The repeated motion of your legs and arms, as well as tackling any obstacles only enhances the exercise you achieve while scuba diving.

And considering that it’s all happening in a virtually anti-gravity environment, you don’t have to worry about wear and tear on your knees or bones like other on-land forms of exercise.

4. Boosts Your Vitamin D and Calcium

Because you have to travel to generally sunny spots to enjoy a scuba diving trip, you naturally enjoy more exposure to pure and abundant sunshine.

As a result, your body gets a hefty boost of Vitamin D, which helps absorb and maintain calcium, allowing your bones to stay strong and healthy.

5. Boosts Your Serotonin and Endorphin Production

The combination of warm sunny weather, deep breathing and a thrilling new experience all helps produce endorphins, which in turn sparks those happy juices to go off in your brain.

It’s the reason why your face always hurts from smiling when you come out of the water. And why you seldom feel as happy or as good as you do mid-dive or right after a diving expedition.

6. Promotes Better Emotional Health

Scuba diving is starting to be recommended to patients suffering from anxiety disorders and depression, simply because it’s one of the most enjoyable activities for reducing overall stress.

From the meditation-like breathing to the feeling of weightlessness, to the rush of endorphins, scuba diving is a wonderfully fun and natural remedy for better emotional health.

From staying in shape to reducing stress, there are a lot of reasons to take the plunge and go scuba diving. So do something good for yourself.

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Article Name
Top 6 Health Benefits of Scuba Diving
Everyone knows scuba diving can put you in an exuberant state of mind, but did you know there is a world of health benefits besides that feeling of euphoria?

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