Top 5 Excuses NOT to Scuba Dive, Debunked


If you’ve been teetering on the edge of gaining your scuba certification and acquiring the equipment you need to get started on a world of underwater adventures, then you’ve come to the right place!

There are lots of reasons why potential divers should take the plunge. But sometimes there are a collection of nagging reasons why you should avoid scuba diving that prevents you from taking the next step.

Not to fear! We’ve compiled a list of the top excuses would-be divers come up with NOT to embark on a passion for scuba diving.

We have completely debunked them so you can proceed with gusto, and discover a new passion that will last a lifetime. Trust us… you will be very glad you did!

Excuse #1 Scuba Diving is Expensive

Granted, you do need a wide variety of gear to scuba dive.

But your initial investment of a mask, snorkel and fins will go a long way in enjoying multiple diving trips. Other items like tanks can be available to rent as need be until you get hooked on the sport.

Many beginner divers purchase one piece of gear at a time. And they inevitably end up with a wealth of personalized gear (with little impact on their budget) that suits them to a T.

Just don’t skimp on the essentials, such as your mask, snorkel and fins should fit YOU specifically. They are the backbone for all the ensuing great dive trips to come.

Excuse #2 Scuba Certification is Expensive

Compare the cost of initial certification with a fancy night out on the town or a half-day trip of snorkeling, and you’ll see that garnering certification will go a lot further than a one-day-only experience.

Certification costs can range from $250-$500, but the result is a skill set that will last you well after your initial scuba diving introduction is over.

It’s a passport to an entirely new world, and far less expensive than a golf club membership, ski resort lift tickets, amusement park season passes and any other slightly less thrilling adventure.

Excuse #3 Scuba Diving is Dangerous

You can blame the popularity of Jaws and Open Water for this excuse.

There are clearly some risks to scuba diving. But as long as you are smart, maintain your equipment and listen to your dive guide’s instructions, you are in excellent shape.

And as for the sharks? Well, considering that more people are killed by cows than sharks in the US in any given year, consider them a non-factor.

Excuse #4 You Need to Be Super Athletic to Go Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is not a macho sport that’s only reserved for marathon swimmers.

All you need is the overall endurance to swim 200 yards at your own pace and the basic water skills to be comfortable going under water.

And when it comes to athletic ability, that’s pretty much all you need!

When you consider that there are scuba divers out there who are exploring new depths at 80-years-old or more, it’s pretty easy to shed this excuse.

Excuse #5 You Need a Passport and a Lot of Money to Travel

There are certainly some worldly locations that are on any scuba diver’s bucket list like the Great Barrier Reef, the Galapagos Islands, or Belize.

But you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to explore an unearthly underwater world.

Virtually any spot in the country is home to hidden gem scuba destinations whether it’s the great lakes in the Midwest, the Graveyard of the Atlantic on the Eastern Seaboard, or the wildly large marine life off the coast of California.

And all you need to do to explore your backyard destinations is have a sense of adventure and succumb to your desire to take up scuba diving no matter what excuses you can come up with.

As experts in scuba diving, we can assure you that you’ll never regret taking the plunge! Check out our website to contact us

If you live in the Dallas area, swing by our shop in Carrollton. We’ll be happy to chat with you about scuba.

Article Name
Top 5 Excuses NOT to Scuba Dive, Debunked
There are lots of reasons why potential divers should take the plunge. But sometimes there are a collection of nagging reasons why you should avoid scuba diving that prevents you from taking the next step.

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