7 Spooky Scuba Destinations – Just in Time for Halloween!

Fall is a fine time to make an escape on a diving adventure! If you’re planning to coincide your upcoming vacation with Halloween, then we have just the spooky dive sites for you! So abandon the Halloween candy and costumes! And make a date with these positively creepy, scary and all-together dive sites for a Halloween…

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Great American World War II Wrecks and the Stories Behind Them

While a global trek to Fiji, Indonesia, Mexico or even the islands scattered throughout the Caribbean is always enticing, there are some stories waiting just below the surface in the states. And US scuba divers who visit these homegrown locations may be surprised to learn the history behind these sites, all while encountering an abundance…

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Uncovering History – Why We Love Wreck Dives

There’s lots of reasons to go wreck diving: cool perspectives that can’t be found anywhere else, iron-clad nooks and crannies that challenge the most experienced divers, and lots of underwater locals who stop by to say hello, from moray eels to swarms of sharks. But do you know the story behind some of the most…

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