7 Spooky Scuba Destinations – Just in Time for Halloween!

Fall is a fine time to make an escape on a diving adventure! If you’re planning to coincide your upcoming vacation with Halloween, then we have just the spooky dive sites for you! So abandon the Halloween candy and costumes! And make a date with these positively creepy, scary and all-together dive sites for a Halloween…

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An Uber for Scuba Diving?

Have you ever visited or lived at beautiful locale along the coastline and thought “If I just had a boat, I would love to explore the area and go diving?” Or perhaps you wish you had a local captain to show you around, instead of exploring on your steam or booking a charter trip with…

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Discover a Very Cool Hiking Trail and Public Park… Underwater!

Have you ever heard of Edmonds, Washington? If not, you’re not alone. This small but beautifully natural town that’s north of Seattle isn’t necessarily on the scuba diver’s radar. But it does have a unique feature that will make divers take a second look especially if they’re searching for an effortlessly cool spot to visit…

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