What Viral Scuba Diver Did Right Before Recording His “Last Moments”

If you’re a news junkie and a scuba diving fan, then chances are you have already heard about the diver who was left behind during a recent expedition off the coast of Queensland, Australia. He Was An Experienced Diver The relatively experienced diver, 30-year-old Jacob Childs, became stranded at the Althea Wreck, which is located…

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How to Totally Aggravate Your Diving Guide in Five Simple Steps

Nobody wants to be the diver that the dive guide can’t wait to bring back to shore. After all, if you annoy your dive guide, chances are when you try to make your reservations for your next trip, your guide will be all “booked up.” The other dive guides in the area may suddenly have…

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The Best Diving Tips for Beginners

Regardless of whether you’re taking the plunge close to home, or embarking on your first real dive in an exotic locale, there are a few steps that will keep you from being automatically classified as the group’s token newbie. From having a courteous presence on the boat to coming well prepared before your excursion, there’s…

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Diving Instructor Pearls of Wisdom

When you’re learning the basics, it’s natural to pay attention to the big stuff — how to breathe, how to submerge without ear pain and how to come back to the surface safely. However, in between all the “big stuff,” your instructor may also be passing along little pearls of wisdom that will come in handy throughout your…

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5 Secrets to Better Diving

Pretend You’re Diving Alone No, this does not mean ditch your dive buddy! This means you should be prepared to handle an emergency alone. If things suddenly went crazy underwater and your dive buddy either panicked or was otherwise unable to help you, you should always be prepared to react appropriately and quickly instead of…

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