SUP to Your Next Dive Site!


Need an easier way to access your favorite dive sites that are close to shore, but still require a little leg work to reach? Enter Scuba SUP.

What is SUP?

In case you’re new to the non-SCUBA watersports scene, SUP stands for Stand-Up Paddleboarding, and it’s an on-the-water craze that’s been taking coastal vacation destinations across the globe by storm in the past five years.

Originating in the Hawaiian Islands, SUP is essentially a cross between surfing and kayaking. Riders stand on an extra-wide board that is designed to provide maximum balance and use a paddle to skim across the water.

It’s relatively easy to do, hence its popularity with water lovers of all ages and abilities. It’s also a cost-effective alternative to investing in a skiff, kayak, or other vessel for exploring sites that are found just offshore.

SUP has been gaining steam for years, and as the sport gains popularity, new models and features are being added to increase durability, speed, and overall stability.

Stand Up Paddleboards for Divers?

The newest metamorphoses of the SUP board (and arguably the coolest) is aimed at scuba divers.

With this newest wave of SUP upgrades, divers can buy a scuba-specific board or an upgrade package to access their favorite close-to-shore sites with little effort involved. Even with a wetsuit or fins on, these boards are easy to maneuver, have room for tanks and extra equipment, and are outfitted specifically for reaching your favorite sites.

So How Does It Work?

Divers interested in paddling to their next dive site have a few options — kits to modify existing boards or packages that come with the kit and board together.

ScubaSupZoom2 - SUP scuba diveSUP Kits

A SUP kit can be added to your existing paddleboard and essentially convert it to an easy-to-cruise-gear-carrying vessel.

  • Kits provide all the “extras” that are essential for divers, including tank cradles, gear storage and seats.
  • Kits also include easy-to-install equipment that make maneuvering and staying afloat easier, like adjustable width pontoons and paddle holders.

These kits transform your SUP ride into a personal “dive boat” with little effort required. In fact, you might not even have to break out the tool kit to rev up your existing board.

Scuba SUP Paddleboards

If you don’t already have a paddleboard to modify, then you can start with a paddleboard that’s already designed specifically for scuba divers. These setups combine a board and the kit so you know everything fits together perfectly.

Check out this combo ScubaSUP board and kit, ready to go at a reasonable price! It comes with a special backpack for carrying and storing the board. And it even comes with dive flags and a beverage holder!

This board is inflatable too, making it easy to move and store. While it comes with a hand pump, you might want to consider an electric pump like this SwitchSUP Power Inflator.

How SUP and Diving Works

So how does SUP and scuba diving combine? Just as you’d expect.

Essentially, you inflate your board, stash your gear, launch from your favorite beach, dock, or other waterfront locale, paddle out to your favorite dive spot, gear up and hop in. It’s a fairly easy process that’s ideal for favorite shore sites and eliminates the effort of wading, swimming, and lugging along gear out of the equation.

Other SUP Modifications to Consider

Like to fish? You can also turn your SUP into a personal fishing boat!

Or how about sculling? Get some upper and lower body exercise while you cruise around and enjoy the outdoors. Check out our complete line of SUP options and add a new way to enjoy being on the water.

Article Name
SUP to Your Next Dive Site!
Need an easy way to reach offshore dive sites? Consider using a standup paddleboard outfitted for scuba gear. You can use an existing board or buy a package.

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