Sharing the Water With Famous Scuba Diving Celebrities


I am pretty sure no one goes scuba diving for the possibility of rubbing elbows with a world-famous celebrity!

Most divers, go diving for the sheer joy of being miles away from the rest of the world in one of the most beautiful locations on earth while discovering a secretive and active underwater destination that few other humans get to experience.

This is the reason you make travel plans to tiny islands all around the globe, and suit up to dive right into an adventure that’s unlike any other.

Just think, every time you head to a world-renowned scuba diving location, there’s a chance you might encounter one of the numerous and international famous celebrities who adore scuba diving as much as you do!

So to stave off a tongue-tied or frozen moment, here’s a brief list of just some of the stars who may be sharing your favorite waters on an upcoming trip.

By knowing that your favorite celebrities already have an adoration of scuba diving, at least you’ll have something to chat about if you run into them at the local watering hole.

Jessica Alba

Jessica has been featured in some scuba related publications, and reportedly took up the sport as both an essential part of a physical fitness routine, as well as to garner a skill that would come in handy for film roles.

As a result, she was able to hunt for treasure in a fairly recent remake of “The Deep” although she’s been spotted scuba diving all over the world well after filming was over.

James Cameron

Anybody who has seen the now-classic “Titanic” should have had an inkling that James Cameron was a scuba diver.

Considering that a good 20 minutes of the movie takes place under the water during excavation hunts, it should come as no surprise that Cameron is, in fact, a die-hard scuba diving fan.

In fact, he’s been quoted as saying that scuba diving is where he regains his sanity in between lengthy and stress-filled projects.

Also, don’t forget, several of his other movies have scuba diving components as well including “Into The Blue” and “The Abyss.”

Gene Hackman

This may come as a surprise, but rumors persist that Gene adores the waters of Bonaire, which is one of the more remote, and yet famous, scuba diving destinations on the globe.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra first stated scuba diving to combat one of her biggest fears of being underwater, but it didn’t take long for the actress to get hooked, well after her initial experience was over.

As a result, she’s still one of the most famous celebs to be spotted in scuba destinations around the globe.

Matthew McConaughey

Both Matthew and Kate Hudson had to be certified before filming the movie Fool’s Gold, but as it turned out, Matthew was already an avid scuba diver who had been exploring the open waters for years.

Katie Holmes

Katie has been quoted in numerous articles as attributing scuba diving as one of her preferred kinds of “work-outs,” stating that the experience never really feels like a form of exercise.

Perhaps that’s why her famous ex, Tom Cruise, has also been spotted at scuba diving locales around the world.

Plenty of other celebrities have latched on to scuba diving as a form of exercise, relaxation or just taking a break from the crowds.

Famous names such as Tiger Woods, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks and even Prince William and Kate Middleton have all been spotted taking the plunge.

So on your next international traveling adventure, be sure and keep your eyes peeled. You never know when a world-famous diver will make a sudden appearance, and add an extra layer of excitement to an already fascinating experience.

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Article Name
Sharing the Water With Famous Scuba Diving Celebrities
Every time you head to a world-renowned scuba diving location, there’s a chance that you might encounter one of the numerous and international famous celebrities who adore scuba diving as much as you do.

2 responses to “Sharing the Water With Famous Scuba Diving Celebrities”

  1. Rick Alexis says:

    I wouldn’t mind rubbing elbows with Jessica Alba for sure! I hope she on my next dive trip 🙂

  2. Dorcass Wilonja says:

    James Cameron suprised me the most. I had no idea he was an avid diver. It all makes sense now.

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