A Romantic Proposal to Dive For!


Everyone loves a good over-the-top wedding proposal story, whether you’re still single or just celebrated your 50th wedding anniversary. And if you’re considering popping the question to your significant other-diver, this might give you some ideas!

A Canadian man took his girlfriend on a diving vacation to Thailand and turned a run-of-the-mill dive trip into a lifelong memory! They were in a long-distance relationship and hadn’t seen each other in months, but he came up with a creative way to reconnect.

Once submerged and surrounded by the schooling fish, he broke out a laminated booklet where he had typed out a series of silly messages that ended with a more serious, “Will you marry me?”

Because he obviously couldn’t hear her response, he indicated that she should give a “thumbs up” for yes or “pull out my regulator” for no. You can see the outcome here in this video (it displays an ad snippet first).

Thinking of Taking the Plunge?

Before you pop the question under the surface, take a few tips from this highly publicized proposal to make sure everything goes smoothly.

  • Make sure your message is waterproof – The papers the groom used to show his girlfriend were completely sealed and stayed intact, even while under the water.
  • Make sure you have a way to communicate – The groom asked the bride to respond with a thumbs up or a thumbs down motion. If your loved one nods or takes your hand, you have a yes. If they suddenly swim away, well…
  • If you’re bringing a ring, make sure it’s secure – Nothing will ruin an underwater proposal like losing the ring! The best bet is to play it safe and keep it on the boat until after the acceptance, but if you do want to show it off underwater, make darn sure the ring is securely attached and has no chance of floating away.
  • Make sure you location is safe – You don’t want a swift current or animal encounter to derail your proposal. Wait until you’re at a safe place where there’s no strong current and excellent visibility. After all, your loved one can’t say yes if they can’t read your cards.
  • Ask your dive boat captain to help before your trip – Your boat captain might be able to help out with suggestions along the way, or just to applaud when you come back to the surface. If you’re not sure if it will work at the site, ask your captain beforehand.
  • Be pretty sure the answer is “Yes,” before you ask – Is there anything more potentially uncomfortable than a long boat ride back to your vacation destination with the one who turned you down? Probably not, so make sure you’re both committed before you take the leap. If you play all your cards right, (both literally and figuratively), chances all you’ll end up with a diving story that you and your loved one will never, ever forget.

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Do you have any proposal tips? Let us know in the comments section below.

Article Name
A Romantic Proposal to Dive For!
Thinking of an over-the-top wedding proposal, like underwater!? Before you pop the question under the surface, take a few tips from this highly publicized proposal to make sure everything goes smoothly.

2 responses to “A Romantic Proposal to Dive For!”

  1. Lori Scraub says:

    Omg! How original! I have been on a boat where the bf proposed, but never underwater. Take note, Brian!

  2. John Clarron says:

    This makes my proposal look lame. Thanks for the tips for my next one. I wouldn’t have thought to laminate the cards prior to taking the trip!

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