Cool Remote Liveaboard Destinations


The best scuba diving sites are often the most remote and hardest-to-get to.

Miles and miles away from human development and interaction, these global sites are where wildlife flourishes, water remains consistently blue and a world of underwater features are waiting to be discovered by the rare visitor.

And the best way to see these sites is typically via a liveaboard vacation.

For many divers, a liveaboard trip is the ultimate way to dedicate a full vacation to doing what they love most namely, scuba diving.

Offering at least one diving trip per day, (and often more), and featuring water views in every direction a liveaboard truly immerses a diver into the scene.

It also allows divers to access to sites that can’t be acquired anywhere else. So if you’re planning on taking the plunge and finally embarking on that multi-day liveaboard trip, where should you go?

For many divers, the answer boils down to some of the world’s most remote sites, which includes the following gems that will have visitors begging for another day onboard.

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Raja Ampat is quickly becoming one of the most crave-worthy destinations on the map! It is renowned as one of the earth’s last truly wild locales.

Comprised of 1,500 smaller islands, cayes and inlets, and located off the coast of New Guinea, this destination is a dream for divers both above and below the surface.

There are only six diving resorts in the immediate area, but a liveaboard can take divers to dozens of brilliant sites where more than 1,600 species of reef fish have been identified by far, the most in the world.

The Philippines

Like Raja Ampat, Indonesia, the Philippines are so vast, and so remote, that a liveaboard presents the best opportunity to explore the massive region in depth.

While the diving closer to shore has gotten to be very popular in the global diving community, a liveaboard can transport divers to more remote sites like the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, which is only accessible via a vessel.

This reef is almost in the exact center of the famed Coral Triangle, and as a result, visitors will encounter hundreds if not thousands of different species that congregate to the vibrant reef life.

Be prepared for plenty of pelagic encounters, including large sharks, barracudas and giant tunas.

Cocos Island Costa Rica

Though Costa Rica can be hopping with vacationers, surfers and scuba divers, the offshore Cocos Island National Park is easily one of the most remote liveaboard destinations in the world.

Praised by Jacques Cousteau, this site that’s roughly 550 miles off the Costa Rican coast features stunning fringing reefs and deep drop-offs, and no neighbors with the exception of a small island hundreds of miles away that marks the entrance to the Galapagos archipelago.

This site is best for advanced divers, however, as currents and deep dives are especially prevalent. The reward for your efforts to reach the Cocos Island are hefty!

However, expect to see whale sharks, manta rays, turtles, giant frogfish and white-tip sharks among the lush and healthy coral reefs.

When it comes to peace, privacy, and miles of room to roam, a liveaboard can’t be beat. Start small if you’ve never been before.

Work your way to an incredible remote trip that will give you access to incredible sites where few humans have ever ventured.

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Article Name
Cool Remote Liveaboard Destinations
The best scuba diving sites are often the most remote and hardest-to-get to. And the best way to see these sites is typically via a liveaboard vacation.

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