New Aquatic Vessel is Pushing the Limits for Bond Fans


They call me Bond. James Bond.

Are you a die-hard James Bond fan? Do you love scuba diving? Do you also have a couple of million dollars to spend?

Then you’re going to love the new vessel created by Rinspeed, which takes a hefty dose of inspiration from the classic 1977 Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me.

This fantastical new mode of transportation will help you honor your film icon while enjoying some amazing close-to-shore diving sites.

21st Century Underwater Lotus Espirit

The new, sea-worthy vehicle/vessel is a Bond protégé’s dream. Resembling a classic Lotus Espirit, a car that will be well-known to fans of the 1970s Bond films, the zero-emission electric vehicle can reach land spends of 75 mph or more, courtesy of three electric motors.

It also has a classic interior that resembles a converted sports car, with an open top design and room for two passengers. Perfect for James Bond and his lady of the day!

But while this vessel is certainly impressive enough on land, the real draw is what it can do under the water an attribute which led to its name of the sQuba car. Because one you’re under the water, that’s when the special effects come to light.

I’m a Very Nervous Passenger

The sQuba can safely reach depths of 33’ ft. with the pull of a lever. It can also continue operating under the surface as a deep-sea convertible.

The operation is made possible by integrated air tanks and regulators, which were developed by Rinspeed. These tanks and regulators allow the passengers to stay at underwater depths for up to an hour.

There Are One or Two Rather Special Accessories

Of course, the biggest challenge for engineers was making sure the sQuba car could maneuver as well under the surface as above. After all, there are always plenty of Bond Villain lairs and complexes waiting under the surface.

With this in mind, the developers created the signature three electric motors, which includes one for sea and two for land. They also created powerful electric stern propellers and bow jet drivers to make it easy to increase speed and maneuver below the surface.

Ejector Seat, You’re Joking

The open top design of the Lotus, however, remained relatively unchanged. This feature allows drivers and passengers an easy escape in case the latest Bond villain also happens to have a torpedo in his arsenal of underwater weapons.

Granted, the developers of the sQuba car aren’t expecting to go into mass production anytime soon. With a hefty price tag that goes hand-in-hand with a limited demand, there’s not a lot of reason to roll out these superhero cars that will help anyone with an upcoming above-ground or underwater mission.

But scuba divers who have a love of new technologies and super cool scuba toys will likely have a fine time dreaming about the day when the sQuba car becomes an affordable and easily accessible possibility.

After all, with the wave of innovations in scuba gear, and amazing scientific experiments that range from underwater cars to underwater greenhouses, there’s no telling what the vast world of scuba diving will unfold in the distant and not-so-distant future.

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Article Name
New Aquatic Vessel is Pushing the Limits for Bond Fans
There is a fantastical new mode of transportation that will help you honor your film icon while enjoying some amazing close-to-shore diving sites.

4 responses to “New Aquatic Vessel is Pushing the Limits for Bond Fans”

  1. Bolan Talabi says:

    Are you freaking kidding me?!! Yes, please 🙂

  2. Kyle Ongish says:

    Dude, if I had the money I would buy this…..I am going to add it to my holiday wishlist. Wonder if it is on Amazon. Ha!

  3. Lila Jones says:

    Call me cynical, but we can built this futuristic underwater vessel but not cure cancer?!!!

  4. Arlene Gaines says:

    Bond, oh, Bond! What are they going to think of next? Maybe this vessel will be in the next Bond flick.

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