5 Top Money Saving Travel Tips for Divers


It’s natural to want to squeeze in as many dive expeditions as possible into a lifetime.

Whether it’s taking several vacations a year, or planning annual excursions to some of the world’s most famed diving sites, scuba divers have an inherent desire to travel the globe, and travel often.

After all, there are thousands of scuba sites that happen to be located in some of the planet’s most beautiful destinations. And every unique locale is just a little different, and more than a little spectacular.

From the seemingly endless Great Barrier Reef to island gems in the Pacific and the Caribbean, the world is seemingly bursting with incredible diving destinations that are ripe for the taking.

Obviously, however, all this planned travel can take a toll on a budget. It can be hard for a diver to plan trips to all the places on a mile-long bucket list.

So how do you get to travel the globe without breaking the bank? By traveling smart.

There are some ways divers can save money at veritably every level of a diving vacation.

From plane tickets to accommodations to destinations, here are the best ways to save your funds for your next big diving adventure.

1. Aim for the Shoulder Seasons

Most all vacation destinations, especially in coastal regions like the Caribbean, Mexico, and Florida, have varying rates depending on the season.

As a result, divers can get the most bang for their buck while still enjoying exceptional diving conditions and warm waters by coinciding a vacation with the shoulder season, or off-season, of a popular vacation spot.

During these months, accommodations including hotels, resorts and vacation rentals have reduced rates, making it easy to enjoy a posh place to stay without the price.

Just watch out for hurricanes or other seasonal storms that tend to make an appearance during certain off-season months as well.

2. Head to the Shore

What’s the best way to save money on a diving expedition? By heading to the shore.

Some shore diving sites around the world rival the top open water sites for natural beauty and diversity.

And all it will cost to reach these destinations is a rental car and diving equipment.

For a little inspiration on where to land, check out the famed diving destination of Bonaire, which has one of the most acclaimed shore diving scenes in the world.

Other tempting options where diving is a breeze include Hawaii, the Cayman Islands and Indonesia, among many others.

3. Try a Liveaboard

A liveaboard arguably provides the biggest value for divers, because instead of paying separate prices for accommodations, daily diving trips and even meals, everything is included in one vacation package.

Best of all, because your time is spent out to sea, you can access and explore some of the most beautiful diving destinations in the world which are traditionally a little harder to reach in a single day trip.

4. Book a Vacation Rental

If you’re heading to a destination with a group of friends or planning to stay for multiple days, consider staying at a vacation rental home or condo instead of a hotel or motel.

Rental homes and condos have multiple bedrooms as well as common areas which can include living rooms, kitchens, and dining areas, which means you’ll save money on dining out, doing laundry and other common travel expenses.

Best of all, when accommodation costs are divided between a few buddies, you’ll find that the price to stay in a fabulous destination plummets.

5. Know How to Find the Best Airfare Rates

There are all sorts of tips and tricks travelers use to find the lowest possible price on airfare.

There are several sites that allow you to set up automatic alerts to your email when a fare to a given destination or two is notoriously low.

As well as multiple websites where you can compare prices for multiple times of year, days and airlines. Above all else, when it comes to airfare, consider the best route to your preferred destination.

Vacation spots that are close to a major city or airport are less expensive to reach.

If your destination is a little off the beaten path, it may be less expensive in the long run to book a rental car and drive from a major airport than it is land directly in the vicinity.

Also, plan as far in advance as possible. Air rates are at their lowest roughly 2-3 months before a planned departure date.

The closer you get to your vacation, the higher rates will likely be.

By planning ahead, paying attention and surveying your options, virtually any vacation to an exotic locale can be an unforgettable experience that exceeds expectations.

It also allows you ample funds leftover to plan your next adventure.

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Article Name
5 Top Money Saving Travel Tips for Divers
From plane tickets to accommodations to destinations, here are the best ways to save your funds for your next big diving adventure.

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  1. Becky Fluegue says:

    We always travel during the off season. It’s much cheaper and less crowds! The only thing is it can be troublesome to find boats to take you out.

  2. Dan Rewie says:

    Great tips. I am new to diving. Love your store and blog.

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