Want to Master a New Diving Skill? Take a Course!


Whether you wan to learn something fun like DPV diving, or what to do in an emergency, gain more confidence or even instruct others, learning a new diving skill can be a worthwhile pursuit. It sure beats the heck out of having to learn how to navigate your tax forms!

So what’s the easiest way to master a new diving skill?

While diving as often as you can certainly can gain you experience, it may not help you master a new diving skill. And certainly diving with more experienced divers helps improve your skills. But the best — and fastest – way to learn a new diving skill is to take a course taught by a professional.

You can even start some courses online, without even having to squirm into a wetsuit! Your local dive shop is a good place to start looking, because every course is going to give you an opportunity to learn and practice in the water.

Here a Few Diver Education Courses to Consider:

Capture Amazing Images with a Digital Underwater Photography Course

Some of the most amazing sights you’ll see in your lifetime are under the water, so why not hone your photography skills to capture these moments forever? What used to be the realm of only professionals, digital photography and videography have clearly revolutionized capturing images underwater.

A course will help you discover which camera(s) to purchase, explore composition and other artistic components that make an underwater photo exceptional, and learn how to “process” your images once you’ve returned home.

Be Prepared for Anything with a Rescue Course

Do you dive often with just you and a buddy or two, no hired divemaster in sight? Or like to travel to remote dive destinations where divemaster training and experience is unknown or there is a language barrier? Have you introduced a nervous spouse or your children to diving and want to have more control over their safety?

If so, consider taking a rescue course — and get your buddies to join you so you’re all safer! A rescue course will teach you how to prevent or handle a variety of underwater emergencies. Knowing what to do when something turns south quickly, especially when medical help is far away, can mean the difference between life and death.

Stay Down Longer and Dive Deeper with a Nitrox Course

Diving with enriched air, usually called Nitrox, allows divers to extend their bottom time. Once only used by the military and technical divers, Nitrox has become popular with sport divers too. Nitrox has higher levels of oxygen, which causes body tissue to absorb less nitrogen. With less nitrogen being absorbed by body tissue, your risk of decompression sickness is lower and you’ll need less decompression time. This means you can stay down longer! Many divers report feeling less fatigued and fewer headaches when diving with Nitrox compared to traditional compressed air.

A Little of Everything – Advanced Open Water Diver Course

Don’t let the generic course title fool you – this class is a nice overview of a big range of specialty dives. It can include boat diving, drift diving, search and recovery, sidemount diving, wreck diving, and diver propulsion vehicle (DPV) diving, which makes it a must for any diver who plans to spend lots of time underwater. Best of all, there’s typically little formal classroom time involved – just lots of hours diving.

Check out these divers having fun with DPVs:

Want to Teach Others? Consider a Divemaster or Instructor Course

Want to share your love and knowledge of diving with others? Or maybe you’re looking for a way to earn some money doing something you love? Consider taking a divemaster or instructor course!

Whether you want to teach others as your primary job or as a nice little side gig, introducing diving to others can be a rewarding way to spend your time. And you might even get to live somewhere exceptionally awesome!

Scuba Toys offers year-round diver education courses!

Serving the north Dallas metro area, call us at 972-820-7667, swing by our shop, or visit us online to learn more about how to master a new diving skill.

Have you taken any advanced dive courses? Let us know in the comments section below!

Image attribution: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jukk_a/

Article Name
Want to Master a New Diving Skill? Take a Course!
Whether your interest is in learning something fun, knowing what to do in an emergency, or instructing others, consider learning a new dive skill by taking a course.

3 responses to “Want to Master a New Diving Skill? Take a Course!”

  1. Ana R. says:

    I took a rescue course and it helped me save my dive buddy. We were diving in Thailand and the divemaster didn’t speak English. My buddy passed out as she was climbing the ladder into the boat (dehydration & fatigue). The divemaster didn’t seem to know what to do, so I jumped in with what I’d learned in my class.

  2. Austin Bennet says:

    I took an underwater photog class and it was great! I’ve even sold some of my underwater images, so it’s turned into a nice little side income.

  3. Jose Sanchez says:

    i gave my girlfriend an AOW course for her birthday because she was always kinda nervous about diving. it helped her feel more comfortable, so now i get to dive more!

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