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There are a few destinations on the global map that are seldom explored. They don’t get a lot of hype on the tourism scene.

Even so, these almost-secretive locales are starting to get a reputation among seasoned scuba divers as the best places to dive on earth. And as a result, are worth discovering by any diver with a sense of adventure, and an inherent desire to see the most beautiful diving destinations in the world.

Welcome to Indonesia!

Indonesia has one of the world’s largest coastlines that encompass both the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Indian Ocean to the east. The country is also a part of the famed Coral Triangle, and as a result is home to roughly 20% of the globe’s reefs.

As one would expect in this environment, the diversity of marine life in Indonesia is outstanding, with more than 3,000 recorded species of fish, and more than 600 recorded species of corals. The underwater landscape is just as varied.

Depending on where a diver lands, explorers can expect to find deep trenches, towering walls, ancient wrecks and even volcanic and yet fully underwater mountains.

Because of its remote locale, most explorers will find that outside of the plane ticket, a vacation in Indonesia is surprisingly affordable, whether they stay at a resort, or sign up for a liveaboard exploration. The “dry season” is from April through December, which is arguably the best time to go, but the waters stay warm and dive-able all year-round.

Want to start researching a trip to this remote but unforgettable diving destination? Then you’ll want to start by finding resorts, liveaboards or dive trips that access these famous Indonesian sites.

Raja Ampat Islands

The Raja Ampat Islands are located on the northwestern edge of the West Papua province and are noted for having the highest diversity of both coral and fish species in the world. There are roughly 540 types of corals and more than 1,000 species of fish, which come in a neon rainbow of colors that will take any diver’s breath away.

A world record-breaking 284 species of fish was spotted during a single dive trip here. Many divers who enjoy variety will be simply blown away by the scene, which can range from lemon yellow fusilier fish to slow-moving whale sharks.

Komodo Island

Calm and vibrant shallow reefs, deep walls and an ever-constant stream of marine life, it’s all represented at the Komodo Islands. The Komodo National Park’s reserve is crisp and clean.

It’s also one of the epicenters of Indonesian diving for its wide range of species that includes manta rays, eagle rays, dolphin, pygmy seahorses, sunfish, ghost pipefish and the deadly but beautiful blue-ringed octopus. And yes, you can find the namesake Komodo dragons here, but you’ll have to head above the surface!

Bunaken Islands

The Bunaken Islands are famous for both their diverse collection of exotic and almost extinct species, as well as crystal clear waters that are almost like glass.

Many experienced divers who have been to the site attest that they’ve ever seen anything like it. In this stunningly clear surrounding, expect to see more than 70 different types of corals, as well as multiple kinds of sea turtles, reef sharks, barracuda, saltwater crocodiles, and dugongs, a species that has almost been wiped off the map.

Bali Islands

Bali is well-known in surfing circles for incredible waves with an equally incredible backdrop of turquoise waters, towering palms and lush emerald mountains. Divers can find plenty of tranquility, as well as exciting dive sites, in this region of the country. Breeze past the crowds and head to the smaller village of Tulamben to access one of the area’s most popular dive sites – the

Breeze past the crowds and head to the smaller village of Tulamben to access one of the area’s most popular dive sites, the 120-meter wreck of the USAT Liberty. The Liberty is an American transport ship that was destroyed by Japanese torpedoes during World War II.

This structure has attracted hundreds of marine species, including anglerfish, puffer fish and batfish, and it’s not unusual for divers to be surrounded by schools at any given time. Just watch out for crowds as this site’s growing popularity means that there can be up to 100 divers a day exploring the area waters during peak seasons.

Ready to Plan a Trip?

Start by researching what to consider when traveling overseas, and then start exploring the many resorts, liveaboards and dive trip options that are available. With attractive prices and miles of destinations to discover, Indonesia should skyrocket right to the top of any scuba diver’s bucket list!

Want to learn about diving in Indonesia? Check out our website to contact us. If you live in the Dallas area, swing by our shop in Carrollton, and we’ll be happy to chat about scuba!

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Getting to Know Indonesia
There are a few destinations on the global map that are seldom explored. Welcome to Indonesia!

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  1. Faye VsnDuseeldorp says:

    I spent many years in Indonesia! It is a beautiful country. I highly recommend going to visit.

  2. Nate Poliquin says:

    If you go to Indo, be sure to have lots of time. There are so many things to see underwater. And the food is to die for.

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    Be sure to check out these site. Add them to your literary.
    * Bali
    * Bunaken
    * Komodo
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