Forget Pokémon Go


Scuba divers who like to spend their time outside of the water playing a game or two will want to try out one of the newest video games to hit the market, an artistic endeavor called ABZÛ.

Ocean of Wisdom

Translated as “Ocean of Wisdom,” the game was created by seasoned video game developer Matt Nava. Matt is an avid diver himself!

He wanted to share his love of the meditative quality of the underwater experience with both new and long-time divers alike.

Surreal Underwater World

The result is a unique game that may not have a clearly stated goal or major competitive component, but which will transport divers to a surreal and yet believably creative underwater world.

Video game reviewers have applauded the newly released ABZÛ for its creative graphics that were clearly designed with an artist’s touch.

As players float through one expanse of ocean to the next, they’ll come across a world of vivid creatures.

These creatures include colorful schools of reef fish, giant humpback whales and even ancient underwater civilizations where treasures, puzzles, or other coveted pieces within the game await.

The ensuing landscape is almost meditative, and players can up the fun by catching a ride with a passing whale or dolphin.

Players go deeper to discover the ancient relics of long-lost cities or bouncing in between the surface and underwater realms through expertly orchestrated jumps.

Complete with Enchanting Music

The background music that accompanies this easy-going adventure is beautifully relaxing. It will enchant game players almost as much as the visuals.

And as visitors unlock the secrets behind creation arguably the main goal of the game they’ll explore a colorful and beautifully landscaped world that looks like some of the most picturesque scuba diving destinations in the world.

Video game reviewers who have dived before, (and even those who have never tried), have noted the lifelike movement of the species that are found underwater.

They have also stated that the overall experience is nicely relaxing. In fact, there’re even ample opportunities to “meditate” at shark-like statues.

These statues are where the diver will fall into a yoga-like pose while the camera pans and shows off the stunning and completely panoramic world around them.

Realistic Diving Experience

Considering the developer is an avid diver himself, the overall realistic and peaceful elements of the game should not come as a big surprise.

Many reviewers or columnists who had never dived before even admitted that the game made them want to pause what they were doing, and go out and get certified.

And while no video game can ever replace the all-encompassing experience of being under the water, the music combined with the artistic effects and brilliantly maneuvering world of creatures certainly comes close.

This game offers a nice respite for divers who need a break from a hard day at work. So if you crave a scuba diving experience, but don’t have time to go out in the water, check out this game that is seemingly angling to provide the next best thing.

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Article Name
Forget Pokémon Go
Designed by a diver, a new video game will take divers on a virtual underwater journey. ABZÛ is poised to become your newest summertime guilty pleasure.

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