Creative Ways to Use Those Amazing Underwater Photos


As an avid diver, you already know that one of the best souvenirs you’re going to score while diving is a collection of amazing underwater photos. After all, it’s not like you can take home that vibrant coral-lined wall or the spotted eagle ray you saw — but you can take home an image that perfectly captures the experience during your trip.

(In case you missed it, we offered some tips for improving your underwater photos in our previous post.)

Now What to Do with Your Awesome Underwater Photos?

Once you return home, this is the big question. Yes, you can pin them, share them, or just leave them stored in a folder on your laptop, but with so many amazing options available with digital images, why not try something new?

There are tons of creative ways to display, treasure, and utilize your photos besides the standard digital frame. Before you banish your photos to linger in the cloud, check out these ideas for enhancing your own space or creating gifts for others!

Personalized Wallpaper / Mural

You’ll need a high-quality, large image for this project – think 4 megapixels or more – but just imagine turning a barren wall in your office, den or bedroom into an underwater world. Specialty printers can create giant wallpaper murals that can cover an entire wall and provide an unbelievable backdrop in your favorite room(s.)

Custom Pillows

Take a handful of your best images and create a custom pillow collage to ensure your favorite dive sites are never too far from your mind, even when you’re asleep or lounging on the couch.

Companies like Stitchtagram let you upload your preference of images and phrases, such as the name of the dive trip destination, to create a personalized throw pillow, dog bed, or even an ottoman to treasure for years to come.

Photo Blocks

Have kids in your life? Create custom building blocks with your favorite underwater photos through a local specialty company like Bebe Blocks and give a personalized toy that’s fun and educational.

Try putting a different species on each — like a sea turtle, shark, lionfish, etc. — and let kids’ imaginations run wild while they learn about your favorite underwater residents.

Shower Curtain

Doesn’t it make sense that your favorite underwater photos should be near water? Then consider turning your favorite large landscape into a shower curtain. Everyone has seen those tropical curtains at chain bed and bath stores — so make your own personalized creation instead — and start every day by looking at your favorite destinations.

Fridge Magnets

Your fridge is often the home of your favorite drawings, photos, notes and other important materials you want to look at day after day. So why not be reminded of some of your most memorable dive trips when you’re opening your fridge?

Again, if you have kiddos in your world, fridge magnets showcasing underwater critters and scenes can be fun — and it’s never too early to begin igniting their passion for diving!

You can create your own with photo magnets or get them printed — just search online for an online or local print shop.

Create a Coffee Table Book (or a Children’s Book)

Using Shutterfly or the many other online sites, upload your best images and create a beautiful, full-color hardback book you can display on your coffee table or give as a gift. You can organize them by species or by destination — whatever feels right.

Or create a children’s book with “seek and find” questions where even young ones not quite reading yet can search for critters in your photos.

Scuba Toys has an awesome selection of underwater cameras and accessories to ensure your underwater photos turn out great!

Any other ideas for how to display you underwater photos? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Article Name
Creative Ways to Use Those Amazing Underwater Photos
You've spent the time and money to take great underwater photos but what to do with them now? Read on for creative ways to use them.

5 responses to “Creative Ways to Use Those Amazing Underwater Photos”

  1. Mary Ann Culver says:

    I saw a really cool use of photos the other day where someone had them printed on transparent film and then turned it into a lampshade.

  2. Cynthia Martin says:

    Have them printed a large rolls and use it as wrapping paper.

  3. Darrian Thorton says:

    Use them as the backdrop in an aquarium.

  4. Sergio Martinez says:

    Use them as labels on bottles. Replace wine labels at your next party with images from your last dive trip.

  5. Brokov Landau says:

    A friend of mine printed hers on cloth and then made sachets filled with lavender to give as gifts.

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