Celebrate Cinco de Mayo Diving in Mexico!


Do you dream about a vacation where you can explore incredible reefs and wrecks without spending a fortune — and then cap off a dive trip with an ice-cold margarita? Then you’ll want to discover these incredible diving locations that are all found just south of the U.S. border. With beautiful beaches, gracious resorts and stunning sights both above and under the water, the scuba diving scene in Mexico is hard to beat.

So start planning your Cinco de Mayo getaway by researching these famed spots along Mexico’s Caribbean coastline, in the state of Quintana Roo.


Though Cancun can be a zoo during March and April as waves of college students show up for Spring Break, the area is much more relaxed — while still retaining a fun tourist vibe — throughout the rest of the year. For something different, head to Isla Mujeres, a 6-kilometer island that’s found just off the coast.

Or plan a trip to the amazingly unique Underwater Museum of Modern Art, where divers can admire more than 400 submerged and eye-catching sculptures.

Cozumel Island

You can fly directly into Cozumel or take a ferry from Playa del Carmen to this unique destination that caters to both beginner and advanced divers alike. The island is surrounded by dive destinations. Several resorts cater to divers and have dive shops and dive boats onsite, meaning you don’t need a vehicle or pay for a lot of taxis to get around.

The vibe here is a bit more laid back than Cancun, although in recent years cruise ships have been making regular visits. As a result, there are more tours, restaurants and stores than in previous decades.

Playa del Carmen

This diving destination has certainly risen in stature and has more of a tourist-y vibe, but it’s still an exceptional spot for reef diving. Divers can expect to enjoy plenty of gentle currents, reasonably-priced dive shops and plenty of activities onshore at this resort-style stretch of beach. From here you can easily reach several cenotes, sinkholes filled with water that offer interesting and unusual diving  and snorkeling experiences.

Puerto Morelos

Visitors who want to experience the Playa del Carmen of yesteryear can head to this vibrant, small fishing village north of Playa del Carmen that features easy access to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, second largest coral reef in the world after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

The reef runs along the entire Yucatan Peninsula but is closest to shore here. This section has been a national marine park for a long time, so it’s in better health than many other reefs in the Caribbean. It’s well-suited for beginners and even for just snorkeling. You do have to go with a guide out to the reef, whether you’re snorkeling or diving, but the cost is not excessive.


The corals in this region may not be as dramatic as other Rivera Maya spots, but this destination does have the distinction of being the birthplace of scuba diving in the Mexican Caribbean. Divers can also expect to see an abundance of sea life, both on and off the shore – the eco-friendly beaches are famed as a sea turtle nesting site.

Mayan Coast

This region in the southern part of Quintana Roo is not far from the Belize border and includes Quintana Roo’s capital town, Chetumal. While once a small, sleepy area, a cruise ship pier has brought more tourist activities and amenities to the area. This region is still steeped in many Mayan customs and includes the largest number of Mayan archeological sites in Mexico. You’ll find some small eco-resorts in this area as well.

Not far off the coast is Banco Chinchorro, an amazing coral atoll that is isolated and includes several wreck dives. Pilot whales, dolphins and spotted eagle rays are common in the area during certain times of the year.

And these are just dive sites along the Caribbean coast of Mexico — you can head to Cabo San Lucas on the Pacific coast or the Sea of Cortez, between the mainland and the Baja peninsula for more diving adventures!

Do you have a favorite dive destination in Mexico? Let us know in the comments section below!

Article Name
Celebrate Cinco de Mayo Diving in Mexico!
If Cinco de Mayo (May 5) makes you think of Mexico and margaritas, you can add diving to the equation and head south of the border for some great diving along Mexico's Caribbean Coast.

7 responses to “Celebrate Cinco de Mayo Diving in Mexico!”

  1. L. Liasson says:

    My family and I rented a beautiful villa just north of Puerto Morelos about 8 years ago. We loved the town and the area – the reef is so shallow in places, you have to watch you don’t bonk it with your knees. It was also one of the healthiest reefs I’ve seen – the coral was in fantastic shape compared to many other places I’ve dived in the Caribbean. We also had easy day trips to Akumal and ruins – this is a great location if you want to be not too far from major towns like Cancun & Playa, but off the beaten path a bit too.

  2. Ted Burma says:

    I’ve been diving Cozumel for decades and still love it. It’s changed a ton, especially since the cruise ships have gone in, but you can avoid those crowds. It’s one of the most affordable, laid-back spots for a quick and easy dive trip from anywhere in the US.

  3. Darren James says:

    All of these locations sound fantastic! Maybe I can make it down to Mexico this summer.

  4. Archie Tanning says:

    I’ve been to Cancun several times. Always had a great time.

  5. Krista H. says:

    We explored cenotes while diving this area – wierd but amazing diving! If you go to this part of Mexico, do at least one cenote dive.

  6. Mary Wells says:

    The Mayan Coast sounds fascinating! Thanks for the recommendations.

  7. Eros Dahub says:

    The Sea of Cortez in Mexico is thrilling! It’s between Baja and the mainland Mexican coast. If you want to see some incredible sea life, definitely add it to your list.

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