Who Knew? Great Whites Like Heavy Metal Music!

Duuun dun, duuun dun, duun dun, dun dun dun dun…forget the two-note theme from Jaws! It turns out that great white sharks prefer their music to be a little heavier. Who Figured Out Great Whites Like Metal? Recently a Discovery Channel crew, who was filming the Shark Week documentary “Bride of Jaws” tried to attract…

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You Could Fish With a Pole and Hope for the Best – or Spear One!

When it comes to pole fishing, one of the biggest unknowns out there is whether fish are around, and willing to bite your bait. And you also don’t get to choose which fish decides to bite — a hardhead catfish  or a tasty redfish? You can also toss a cast net, but again, you don’t…

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