Bucket List Items to Scratch Off for 2016


If you’re like most scuba divers, you have a very long list of scuba-related items you have to do, buy or try before you inevitably “kick the bucket.”

And sometimes that massive list is so long that it can be daunting deciding where to begin.

So instead of putting your Bucket List on the back burner until you can figure out where on earth to start first, begin by crossing off just a handful of items for the remaining months of 2016.

After all, 2016 is halfway over, so it’s a great time to start tackling some of those big trips or little purchases that will lead to years of memories and enjoyment.

Need some inspiration? Then consider these items that deserve a spot on any diver’s Bucket List.

Visit the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands rose to fame as the locale that inspired Charles Darwin. Today the site continues to be one of the coveted destinations on the global scuba diving map.

Do you dream of taking a trip? Then why wait? The protected marine reserve has incredible diving sites that can’t be found anywhere else, like Darwin Island and Cabo Marshall.

The sheer variety of dive penguins, sea lions, whale sharks, hammerheads and turtles will take your breath away.

Try a New Kind of Diving

Have you ever been cave diving? Or wreck diving? Or ice diving in waters so cold that a sheet of ice is still present even in the middle of the summer?

Well, now is the time to start! Taking a specialty course in a particular type of diving like deep water, ice diving, or cave diving.

These specialty courses will not only make sure your basic skills are up to snuff, but will also open you up to a whole new world of possibilities, and potential diving trips, all over the global map.

Invest in a Really Good Camera

If you’re planning on taking a few incredible trips, then you’ll want to invest in an incredible camera or video equipment that captures all the amazing sites and memories.

A great camera can change your pictures from the ordinary to the frame-worthy, and can add an extra layer of excitement during any diving trip trying to capture the perfect underwater scene.

Stay on a Liveaboard

You don’t have to travel to a remote location and reserve a two-week vacation to stay on a liveaboard (although the option is certainly present).

A liveaboard trip can change your perspective of what a diving vacation can be. With the ability to access multiple sites in a day, and cover a lot of ground in the process, a liveaboard is a cool means of vacationing that every diver should try at least once.

Go to Palau

Palau has been a hot destination in diving circles recently, thanks to its brilliant diversity and its reputation as one of the most unspoiled diving destinations on the planet.

With more than 1,500 different types of fish, endless visibility, and incredible underwater features that include WWII-era wrecks and stunning coral gardens, this remote locale is truly a diving paradise.

Starting to get inspired? There’s no time like the present!

Revisit your Bucket List and see what items jump out as must-see or must-do actions for the remainder of 2016.

By getting your feet wet in a new excursion, you can make sure your Bucket List is fully crossed off in no time, leaving plenty of room for a whole new wealth of entries and adventures.

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Article Name
Bucket List Items to Scratch Off for 2016
If you’re like most scuba divers, you have a very long list of scuba-related items you have to do, buy or try before you inevitably “kick the bucket.”

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