Best Spring Break Dive Destinations


Spring Break is just around the corner, and depending on your temperament, you may want a dive trip that’s devoid of the bathing suit-clad college crowd, or you might want to strip off your wetsuit, put on a toga, and join the scene.

But in either case, what you don’t want is to show up at your destination and be surprised. Whether your biggest fear is being surrounded by throngs of people, or arriving to a coastal destination where everything shuts down as sunset, plan ahead to find out if your upcoming vacation is at Party Central or is found miles away from the action.

Need some inspiration? Then consider these Spring Break Diving destinations that are rocking – or perfectly serene.

Best Spring Break Dive Destinations to Party

Playa del Carmen and Cancun, Mexico

Is it any surprise that the beaches of Mexico are at the top of the list? For more partying than diving, obviously head to Cancun, but for a big helping of both, drive an hour south and check out the coastal town of Playa del Carmen. You’ll find plenty of easily-accessible dive boats here, as well as beachfront bars and clubs that start serving Dos Equis as soon as the boats dock for the day. Just be sure and pace yourself – bars can stay open until 6:00 a.m., so if you’re diving the next day, you’ll want to pack it in early.

Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau is packed during spring break, and because of the surprisingly inexpensive accommodations, divers can expect to be amid cost-conscious college students from all across the globe. Outside of the local clubs and bars, however, the diving scene is equally hopping. Purposefully sunk wrecks and Caribbean reef sharks in shallow depths of water prove to be one of the area’s biggest attractions for novice and expert divers alike.

Best Spring Break Diving Destinations to Unwind


No one goes to Fiji for the after-hours nightlife, and spring is at the tail-end of the area’s “quiet season” where there aren’t many crowds. You’ll find plenty of beach bungalows and crystal clear waters to go around. Best of all, this soft coral Mecca only livens up under the water during the spring, when the bull sharks return after mating and giving birth.

Roatan, Honduras Bay Islands

On this small island, locals and visitors alike essentially call it a night by 9:00 or 10:00 p.m., which leaves plenty of time to rest up before exploring the more than 170 named sites that are found off the coastlines. Most diving boats leave at dawn to see as much as possible, so you’ll surely appreciate those extra hours of shut-eye.


Head to Tahiti for action-packed days under the water, and nights that revolve around stargazing and conversation. Essentially, the biggest thrills here are found under the surface, on islands such as Rangiroa, Fakarava, and Moorea. The pass diving here is exceptional, and the changing tides will breeze you past local dolphins, sharks, and other large creatures who are along for the ride.

No matter where or why your go — for relaxation or uninhibited fun — be sure and research your spring break locale ahead of time. All diving destination have “seasons” where they’re slow or incredibly busy, so knowing what to expect when you arrive will go a long way in ensuring that your next diving trip exceeds all expectations.

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Where do you go for Spring Break diving? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Best Spring Break Dive Destinations
Whether you want to join the party or escape the crowds, here are some great Spring Break dive destinations to consider.

3 responses to “Best Spring Break Dive Destinations”

  1. Chris Stevens says:

    I’ve spent two spring breaks in Cancun and one in Panama City. Great times at each place!

  2. Jay says:

    I prefer the more laid back destinations. I went to Cancun my first year and didn’t enjoy the constant party atmosphere. I understand that many college students are interested in partying, but I’d rather relax, fish, dive, etc.

  3. M. Solley says:

    I really like the Florida Keys.

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