An Uber for Scuba Diving?


Have you ever visited or lived at beautiful locale along the coastline and thought “If I just had a boat, I would love to explore the area and go diving?”

Or perhaps you wish you had a local captain to show you around, instead of exploring on your steam or booking a charter trip with a boat-full of other divers?

Well, this opportunity may be coming soon in the waters near you!

Visitors and residents in coastal areas now have a new option for reaching their favorite dive sites without booking a stay at a dive resort or even reserving a spot on a potentially crowded charter boat.


“Boatsetter” is the service. It’s essentially the Uber or Airbnb of scuba diving or at least, it follows the same framework, but with divers and other mariners in mind.

The way it works is that potential divers can choose from a large number of boat rentals to access the myriad of sites in their preferred area.

From there, they can choose to enlist the assistance of a captain through a network of Coast Guard-certified captains in their area.

Or they can choose to explore on their own with rental options that range from half-day to multiple day excursions.

The company is already gaining steam since it was first featured in Miami, Florida area newspapers and visitors can rent vessels from Miami all the way to coastal Massachusetts.

Florida Region

Divers will want to concentrate their searches on the Florida region. And especially around Miami, where you can find a treasure trove of dive sites that include artificial and natural reefs, sunken army tanks and even an underwater graveyard.

It’s a unique experience and service to be sure, but divers and especially beginning divers will want to make sure to select their services carefully.

For example, if you already have all the equipment you need, and know the local waters very well and have dived the sites many times, then you might just need to pick up a rental boat from time to time to enjoy even more adventures.

This tip is especially true if you’re traveling with equally experienced friends and a diving instructor.

A Licensed Captain

However, if you are just visiting an area, and are not 100% confident about local diving conditions and even how to operate a boat, then a licensed captain or dive guide will come in handy.

There are more than 1,200 captains already registered with Boatsetter, along with plenty of vessels to choose from, which makes it a fairly simple affair to find captains with expertise in the area.

It’s a unique idea to be sure, and it’s already gaining steam with captains, boat owners and everyday visitors who want to make their coastal explorations more engaging by climbing aboard a boat rental and having some fun.

With thousands of boats and captains already on board, this trend of the Uber for scuba divers and mariners is poised to grow, making it even easier to reach your favorite local diving destinations.

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Article Name
An Uber for Scuba Diving?
Have you ever visited or lived at beautiful locale along the coastline and thought “If I just had a boat, I would love to explore the area and go diving?”

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