7 Spooky Scuba Destinations – Just in Time for Halloween!


Fall is a fine time to make an escape on a diving adventure!

If you’re planning to coincide your upcoming vacation with Halloween, then we have just the spooky dive sites for you!

So abandon the Halloween candy and costumes! And make a date with these positively creepy, scary and all-together dive sites for a Halloween getaway.

1. Cenote Esqueleto or The “Temple of Doom,” Mexico

Any dive site that has “Temple of Doom” in the title is bound to give you goosebumps! This cenote that’s found outside of Tulum, Mexico does not disappoint.

Comprising of a large and complex network of underwater caverns where bats fly freely into the entrance, this out-of-this-world diving site features:

  • Pitch-black waters
  • Limestone stalactites that are thousands of years old
  • A thrilling and nearly ten ft. dive into the water to start the expedition

Just be sure and use a guide service, so you don’t get lost.

2. S.S. Yongala, Australia

Naturally, a shipwreck is an ideal venue for a spooky dive.

But this wreck off the Queensland Coast in Australia, which sank to the bottom of the ocean during a storm in 1911, is arguably one of the creepiest.

Divers can explore the depths of the massive ship that historians didn’t discover until 1958.

They will also encounter dozens of olive snakes that live and feed on the wreck.

Also, these snakes tend to keep divers company, an added bonus!

3. S.S. Thistlegorm, the Red Sea, Egypt

German bombs sank the S.S. Thistlegorm to its final resting place in 1941.

And when it went into the water, it was loaded with a bevy of military supplies that were bound for the British Navy.

Jacques Cousteau discovered the wreck in the 1950s, who was amazed to find the ship itself.

He also found an underwater graveyard of machinery like armored cars, Bedford trucks and even locomotives.

To this day, divers who explore the wreckage swear that they hear the distant sound of the machines. They also see

They also see vague and shadowy figures slipping through the wreckage.

4. Chuuk (Aka “Truk”) Lagoon, Micronesia, Central Pacific

Known as the largest underwater maritime war graveyard in the world, this famed diving spot that’s hard to reach.

It’s located 1,118 miles north of New Guinea and is the result of a 1944 attack by US forces during WWII.

Known as “Operation Hailstone,” this three-day battle caused the sinking of dozens of warships, as well as an American carrier, merchant vessels and even various aircraft.

The result is a ghostly site to be sure. It also has a host of unknown or unexplained occurrences have been captured in the waters by novice videographers.

This site has even been featured in documentaries.

5. Rummu Gulag, Estonia

What could be spookier than a long abandoned and now completely underwater Soviet Union Prison?

That’s just what divers will discover when they explore this unique dive site encased in crystal clear water nicknamed “the Blue Lagoon.”

In this chilly but clear site, divers will find a historical former 1940s labor camp and limestone mine, complete with gates and wire fencing.

It’s a stark and spine-tingling contrast to the neighboring white sand beach. It’s sure to give divers a bit of a scare.

6. Titan I Nuclear Missile Silo, Washington State

Divers have transformed this former flooded Nuclear Missile Silo from the Cold War era into one of the creepiest dive sites on the West Coast.

Located 110 ft. deep, and comprising of three silos connected by an intricate network of tunnels and catwalks, divers will feel like the universe has transported them to a sci-fi movie and a very scary one.

The terrain is dark, cold and ominous throughout. It’s best to explore it with a guide who knows their way around the historical underwater landscape.

7. Devil’s Cave System, Florida

Devil’s Cave is located off of Ginnie Springs, Florida. It’s renowned as one of the most prehistoric dive sites on the continent.

This site is home to countless fossils from 10,000 years ago to 2 million years ago. It will get a diver’s heart racing due to the unique natural fossil beds, as well as the intricate cavern system.

Though it’s a thrilling exploration to be sure, the dive conditions can be dangerous. You should explore this site with an advanced diver.

From historical underwater shipwrecks to luminous caverns, the underwater world is seemingly a perfect destination for a spooky Halloween.

Discover a world of legendary stories, mind-boggling sites and absolutely creepy terrain. Make this upcoming Halloween your scariest and most memorable yet.

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7 Spooky Scuba Destinations - Just in Time for Halloween!
If you’re planning to coincide your upcoming vacation with Halloween, then we have just the spooky dive sites for you!

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