6 Books Every Diver Should Own


Gearing up for a long flight across the world to an exotic scuba destination, or need a couple of books to keep you entertained during the next winter storm?

Then you’ll want to grab one of these scuba diving bestsellers that will enhance your skills, keep you up turning pages at night, or just – for a while anyways – take you wonderfully away.

“Fifty Places to Dive Before You Die: Diving Experts Share the World’s Greatest Destinations”

Have you heard about the red demon squids of the Sea of Cortez? How about the fleet of naval wrecks in the Bikini Atoll Lagoon, or the curious wolf eels that are found off the coast of Maine?

In this Kindle and hardcover book, divers will discover all these destinations and more with the help of diving experts from around the world, and 40 stunning photos from some of the most acclaimed underwater photographers. Stunningly beautiful throughout, this book provides plenty of inspiration for your next underwater adventure.

“Diving the World”

Yet another great read for travel inspiration, this book was composed by husband and wife photo-journalist team Beth and Shaun Tierney, who have more than 25 years of diving and travel under their belt. Exploring more than 200 sites around the globe, this all-encompassing guide is chock full of eye-popping photos, encouraging write-ups, and practical information to plan your next trip. (What a great way to make a living, huh?!)

“Scuba Confidential: An Insider’s Guide to Becoming a Better Diver”

Want to know what the professional and technical divers know? Then grab this paperback that’s filled with information that will make you a better, and safer diver. From mastering skills and techniques to in-depth looks on how the most common accidents happen, this book goes well beyond the basics. See how the experts weigh in on controversial issues like deep diving or going solo, and learn the answers to a whole host of diving questions, answered by the pros.

“Lost Wife, Saw Barracuda – True Stories from a Sharm El Sheikh Scuba Diving Instructor”

In the mood for a good laugh? Then enjoy reading about the adventures of an ex-stockbroker’s 10-year experience as a scuba diving instructor in the tiny resort community of Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt. Surrounded by Egyptians and Ex-Pats, author John Kean good-naturedly recants his stories of being chased by sharks, having a 737 airplane drop from the sky, being arrested three times, and being caught in the middle of the Sharm bombings in July of 2005. In the end, even tragedy has a touch of humor in this ultimately shareable book.

“Reef Creature Identification – Florida Caribbean Bahamas”

Instead of trying to describe the “yellow and blue striped weird-shaped whatever” to your dive buddies back on the boat, wouldn’t it be great to know the names of the critters you’re seeing? This book will help you identify crabs, lobsters, jellies, worms, sponges and more. With 478 color photographs, you’ll soon be a “reef critter expert!”

“Diver’s Journal”

More than a dive log, this Diver’s Journal was created by divers for divers. There is room to log 100 dives, each with a full page to record notes you might want to remember — people you met, favorite restaurants, a land-based adventure — any great experience you might want to be able to review in the future or share with others.

Any good dive books you like? Let us know in the comments section below!

Article Name
6 Books Every Diver Should Own
Whether you want to learn more about the critters you're seeing or about epic dive sites around the world, here are some books every diver should own.

4 responses to “6 Books Every Diver Should Own”

  1. David Goetz says:

    Diver Down: Real-World SCUBA Accidents and How to Avoid Them – this is a must read – fascinating and good educational resource

  2. Daan says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed Lost Wife, Saw Barracuda and would even recommend to those who are not avid divers.

  3. P. Costello says:

    Thanks – I’m about to travel and have been looking for some good reading material.

  4. Emilio Fuentes says:

    Nice list. I’ve read Diver’s Journal and will be looking into Kean’s book this evening.

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