5 Top Money Saving Travel Tips for Divers

It’s natural to want to squeeze in as many dive expeditions as possible into a lifetime. Whether it’s taking several vacations a year, or planning annual excursions to some of the world’s most famed diving sites, scuba divers have an inherent desire to travel the globe, and travel often. After all, there are thousands of…

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7 Spooky Scuba Destinations – Just in Time for Halloween!

Fall is a fine time to make an escape on a diving adventure! If you’re planning to coincide your upcoming vacation with Halloween, then we have just the spooky dive sites for you! So abandon the Halloween candy and costumes! And make a date with these positively creepy, scary and all-together dive sites for a Halloween…

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Top 4 Tips for Dealing With Coastal Storms

One of a diver’s biggest fears is that they will land at a beautiful coastal location only to quickly abandon their vacation because a hurricane is on the horizon. With more active than normal hurricane seasons, and many renowned diving destinations located in areas where hurricanes tend to tread, the concern about encountering a hurricane is…

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7 Weird Shark Facts to Sink Your Teeth Into

Whether you love the adrenaline pumping experience of diving with sharks or want to make a beeline to the surface whenever you see one slink by, one thing is for sure, sharks are weird and fascinating creatures! Often misunderstood by divers, swimmers and even experts, there are some surprising facts that even the most experienced…

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An Uber for Scuba Diving?

Have you ever visited or lived at beautiful locale along the coastline and thought “If I just had a boat, I would love to explore the area and go diving?” Or perhaps you wish you had a local captain to show you around, instead of exploring on your steam or booking a charter trip with…

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Top 6 Diving Spots in the Caribbean

The fall weather has started to arrive. And with cooler breezes and the threat of frost, a diver’s attention immediately turns to white sand beaches, sapphire colored waters and warm sunny days. And one of the easiest winter getaways a diver can plan is to the Caribbean. In the Caribbean, even in the dead of…

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