Leonardo da Vinci – The World’s First Scuba Diving Fan?

When people think of Leonardo da Vinci, they often envision the obvious, like his iconic Mona Lisa which still hangs in the Louvre. They might also envision his strange flying machines that were created centuries before the Wright Brothers flew over Kitty Hawk in the world’s first aircraft. But did you know that Leonardo da…

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Forget Pokémon Go

Scuba divers who like to spend their time outside of the water playing a game or two will want to try out one of the newest video games to hit the market, an artistic endeavor called ABZÛ. Ocean of Wisdom Translated as “Ocean of Wisdom,” the game was created by seasoned video game developer Matt…

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Cool Remote Liveaboard Destinations

The best scuba diving sites are often the most remote and hardest-to-get to. Miles and miles away from human development and interaction, these global sites are where wildlife flourishes, water remains consistently blue and a world of underwater features are waiting to be discovered by the rare visitor. And the best way to see these sites…

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