Is Your Sunscreen Harming the Coral Reef Environment?

As a smart and safe diver, you already know how fragile the coral reef environment can be. That’s why you steer clear and take only photos. You use caution not to harm the reef or the local critters and foliage. And stay abreast of all the global warming issues that could contribute to massive coral reef…

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The Scariest (and Coolest) Shark Diving Destinations in the World

As the summer heats up, so does the world’s fascination with sharks. New shark-centric movies start hitting the movie and television circuits. Popular cable channels start running their annual “Shark Week” in honor of these notorious ocean species. But if you want to take the thrills to the next level, and are inherently very brave,…

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Want a New Adventure? Try Night Diving

You’ve been to shipwrecks, towering reef walls and even caverns, but have you ever explored your favorite diving destinations at night? Diving is exhilarating in its right to be certain, but night diving adds an extra bolt of adrenaline, and highlights some of your favorite dive spots in an entirely new light or rather, lack…

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