Scuba Diving and Seashells: The Do’s and Don’ts

If you have a passion for scuba diving, there’s a pretty good chance that you have a fascination with seashells too. After all, when you’re well under the surface exploring colorful reefs or barnacle-embossed wrecks, chances are that you’re also encountering dozens of different mollusks – and live ones at that – which are rarely…

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Overseas Travel FAQs

So you’ve decided that your next dive trip is going to go well outside your comfort zone, and take place in some beautiful and tropical corner of the world. Considering the number of scuba sites that are located in pristine and travel-worthy destinations, this isn’t a bad idea – world travel and scuba diving tend…

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What’s Been Recently Discovered Under the Surface? Quite a Lot

The past year was a banner year for undersea explorations, and a number of unique wrecks were discovered all over the world by a veritable global fleet of archaeological, recreational, and / or government-sponsored dive teams. What New Wrecks Have Been Discovered? Interested in diving some cool new sites this year? Here’s just a taste…

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How a Seahorse Tail May Lead to a Robotic Arm

Even if you dive frequently, I’ll bet you still feel a little thrill when you see the elusive seahorse! They’re hard to spot since they blend in so well with the marine plants in which they are usually intertwined. They’re such unique looking creatures with their long horse-like snouts, dragon-like “wings” and monkey-like tails. And…

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