Most Dangerous (& Adrenaline-Pumping) Animals to Share the Water With

Think spotting a nurse shark or moray eel is scary? Maybe not, if you’ve met any of the following critters while in an exotic, or even close-to-home locale. And though not for the timid, thrill seekers will want to plan an encounter with one of these cool but intimidating underwater animals. Along the way, you’ll…

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Want to Master a New Diving Skill? Take a Course!

Whether you wan to learn something fun like DPV diving, or what to do in an emergency, gain more confidence or even instruct others, learning a new diving skill can be a worthwhile pursuit. It sure beats the heck out of having to learn how to navigate your tax forms! So what’s the easiest way…

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Uncovering History – Why We Love Wreck Dives

There’s lots of reasons to go wreck diving: cool perspectives that can’t be found anywhere else, iron-clad nooks and crannies that challenge the most experienced divers, and lots of underwater locals who stop by to say hello, from moray eels to swarms of sharks. But do you know the story behind some of the most…

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Diving Myths You Can Safely Ignore

We’ve all heard those tall tales on a long boat trip to the dive site, or over a round of post-trip drinks, and wondered, “Wait… is that really true?” And while some of those stories you’ve heard — like catching hypothermia in 80° water – actually can happen, there’s just as many diving myths you…

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