“Scuba Diving Is Dangerous!” – Separating Fact from Fiction

Maybe it was your best friend, your girlfriend, your soon-to-be ex-husband or your mom who warned you about the dangers of scuba diving, filling your head with a variety of “facts.” The media also likes to hype events, turning every rare event into fodder for the morning talk shows. Let’s explore some of the common…

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How to Introduce Kids to Scuba Diving

If you’ve been “beached” for several years and unable to dive because your kids were too young, you may be especially motivated to get them certified so you can dive again too! You’ve also enjoyed the unparalleled and fascinating sights and sensations scuba diving has to offer. So of course it’s natural to want to…

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I’m Certified to Dive, So Why Bother Taking More Courses?

You took the time and spent the money to earn your Open Water Certification, so now you’re ready to take a dive trip! Or maybe you earned your OW years ago, and feel you’ve done okay on the occasional dives you’ve done so far. So why bother spending more time and money taking an Advanced…

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Should I Buy My Own Scuba Gear?

This is one of the most common questions scuba divers ask, and the answer is…it depends. If money is no object, then by all means buy away. However, most of us aren’t Donald Trump with seemingly bottomless pockets. Some dive shops may make you feel like you have to have your own scuba gear, so…

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